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1 About the year 1700 there was settled in Wells [Maine] United States one by the name of Charles Samuel Stuart, direct descendant of Mary Queen of Scots. Charles was smuggled to America in 1687 and settled in Wells, Maine in 1700. (source is notes from Samuel Stuart, 19 July 1820 and notes from Marion Thompson Leary.] Stuart, Charles Samuel (I242)
2 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I36)
3 Adopted by Charles Gravlin, brother of Mary Gravlin McGown. Norton, Daisy (I810)
4 Allie Mae had many siblings, but they all died at a very early age. Allie Mae was the only child to survive. Verbick, Allie Mae (I368)
5 Artemus was the 13th of 13 children Powers, Artemus Carpenter (I755)
6 Birth Record 78490 Verbick, Allie Mae (I368)
7 Bruce De Larm notes the birthday as 9 June 1805. census, Francois Xavier/Last name is Auste in 1850 /Osteyee (I1)
8 Buried in Evergreen Cemetery in Rutland Powers, Richard Montgomery (I758)
9 Buried in Evergreen Cemetery in Rutland Carpenter, Mary (I759)
10 Charles II reigned from 1649 to 1685. In 1684, before the death of Charles II, his brother James II stole the records of Charles marriage and certificates of the births of his children. He had James, Duke of Monmouth beheaded in 1685, and himself ascended the throne in 1685. The remaining children, Charles and Mara, were smuggled to France (out of Scotland, and later taken to America in 1687). James II succeeded his brother Charles II reigning from 1685 - 1688, was then driven out in the bloodless revolution of 1688 by his son-in-law William [III] of Orange and daughter Mary [II], who reigned 1689 - 1702. Under Anne who reigned 1702-1714 as a result of Protestants placing her on the throne rather than James III, the Pretender - her half brother. This marked the last of the House of Stuart - her successor being the first of the House of Hanover - George I (1714-1727). [source is is the Official English Royalty WEB site, http://www.royal.gov.uk and notes from Marion Thompson Leavy's research of records copied and proved from records taken at Linlithgrow and Direct Edinburgh Castle.]] Stuart, Charles II (I243)
11 Civil War Pension record found on Ancestry. Copy in possession (2004) Osteyee, Edwin S. (I832)
12 Confirmed in S.F. Birth Records, www.sfgenealogy.com/sf/sfbirom.htm

From Edith Harris: "I understand that my mother [Jessie] was named after Jessie Lansing, our grandfather's previous fiancee, who died before they could be married." 
Osteyee, Dr. Jessie Lansing (I279)
13 Conn. Death Index 1949 to 1996. Osteyee, John William (I40)
14 Credited with building much of the original town called Ville-Marie. He had three sons all killed by the Iroquois Indians. His only descendents are through his daughters Barbe Barbier Baudry and Adrienne Barbier Trudeau - from whom longtime prime minister of Canada Pierre Elliot Trudeau is descended. [source = Patricia Beaudry Palmer, March 2004] Barbier, Gilbert (I858)
15 Details from the Moses side of the family come from handwritten notes from Leon F. Osteyee, P.E.

Notes from Troy Conference Minutes: Converted from Roman Catholicism to Methodist Episcopal when 14 years old. 
Osteyee, Moses Joseph (I445)
16 Died from falling off a roof. Spear, Franklin Edward (I784)
17 Died of Cancer Osteyee, Edwin (I996)
18 Died of starvation in a Confederate prison in Richmond, Virginia during the Civil War. (source = Patricia Beaudry Palmer), March 2004)

Another account from Donna Charboneau: "Info from Civil War Records, Warren Co, NY --- Lewis (sic) was a farmer in Hague, NY. He entered the military in Crown Point, NY, with a rank of Private with the 5th Cavalry, Co H of the NY Volunteers on Sep 17, 1862 for a 3yr enlistment. He was "taken prisoner March 23rd, 1863 at Chantilly, VA to Belle Island. Exchanged during the month, recaptured July 6, 1863. Sent to Belle Island. Died of Starvation." The American Civil War Soldiers database states that Louis' second capture occurred at Hagerstown, MD." 
Labounty, Louis (I849)
19 Dominique Domingue fought in the French and Indian wars under Marquiss Montcalm in Arcadia and was driven out of Arcadia with the Huguenots to the USA. The Domingue family came from France and were the neighbors of the Froniers in Southern France and were feuding. They came to America under the name of Ostei (Ostiguy) Domingue. Then the different families took whatever names they thought best. Some were Osti, Ostis, Estey, Esteys, and Austin. (source: handwritten notes by Wallace Osteyee with corrected name spellings by Wallace [Skip] Osteyee, Jr.)

Notes from Bruce De Larm (December 2007): The family’s surname appears as Ostigui Dit Dominque most of the time in the Catholic Church’s Canadian records. Ostilly, Ostie, Ostillie, Ostiguy, and Ostigny (with and without the Dit Dominque) are common variations in the Canadian records. Osteyee is the most common version found in U.S. records. Francois was baptized as Francois Osteguy in Marieville, Rouville, Quebec. Emilie was baptized in Chambly (St. Joseph), Rouville, Quebec. Francois brought his family to the Hague, NY area a little before 1850 where most of them resided until after the Civil War. 
census, Francois Xavier/Last name is Auste in 1850 /Osteyee (I1)
20 During the Civil War Christopher Welliver served in Company I, 31st Volunteer Infantry under General Sherman. He was involved in the “March through Georgia”, was on pickett duty along the Mississippi River during the Siege of Vicksburg, participated in the Red River Campaign and the Battle of Lookout Mountain. Welliver, Christopher (I1015)
21 EMAIL from Kim Adams, 25 Jun 2003 Irish, Frank Bernard (I597)
22 Eunice was widowed at the age of 19. She was living in Hague, New York at the time. She is shown living with her family in Ticonderoga on the 1870 census. (notes from Marta Beaudry in her report "Descendants of Francois Dufault".) Bevins, Eunice (I835)
23 First husband of Mary Francis Dauphin of France II (I805)
24 Formerly James VI of Scotland became James I of England. At age 12 he ascended the throne of Scotland. Reigned from 1603-1625. He was king during the translation of the King James Version of the Bible. [source is research and records copied and proved by Marion Leary, from records taken at Linlithgrow and Direct Edinburgh Castle.] Stuart, King James I (I254)
25 From an EMAIL from Kim Adams dated 16 June 2002, "In a book I purchased 'Pittsford's Second Century 1872-1997' By Jean S. Davies on page 662 it states 'Byron Seward Powers(1863-1949)b.d. Pittsford, m. Eva Onslayer (Ostaga)b. Ticonderoga, NY.' This is our Eva Osteyee, daughter of Charles and Euphemia." "Ostaga", Eva L./Other Renderings "Onslayer" and /Osteyee (I667)
26 From her obituary: “June Engelbrecht, the former June-Marie Fink, of the pioneer Fink-Lorentzen family, died on May 11 at University of Missouri Hospital in Columbia. She was the beloved wife of Lloyd Engelbrecht of Cincinnati, loving sister of Dorothea Fink, of Fitchburg, Massachusetts, and the late William Nelson Fink of Omaha, who died December 31, 2008. June Engelbrecht was the devoted mother of Khadija Fouad of Jeffersontown, Kentucky, and Julie Rowlands of Broadview Heights, Ohio, and dear grandmother of Omar Fouad of Nashville, Maryam Fouad of Louisville, and Ibrahim Fouad and Hussain Fouad of Jeffersontown. June was a nationally-known authority on Henry C. Trost, a major figure in the architecture and planning of El Paso and other cities and towns of the Southwest in the early twentieth century. She was co-author of Henry C. Trost: Architect of the Southwest; among the awards the book won was The Texas Historical Commission Award for the Best Specialty Publication of 1981. She went on to become cocompiler of a complete catalogue of the works of Henry C. Trost and the firm of Trost & Trost, funded by a major grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities and housed in the El Paso Public Library. Her last lecture on Trost was at the University of Texas in El Paso in 2007. Born in Philadelphia on September 1, 1930, she grew up in El Paso, where she attended the Radford and Dudley schools and graduated from El Paso High School in 1947. She earned two degrees from Mills College in Oakland, California, in 1951 and 1953, the latter an M.A. degree in art history. She went on to study at the Institute of Fine Arts at New York University, before serving as a curator at the Smith College Museum of Art in Northampton, Massachusetts. A resident of Cincinnati since 1981, she served as a volunteer at the William Howard Taft National Historic Site, and at the Cincinnati Art Museum. She was an authority on the historic factory buildings, "Ivorydale," in St. Bernard, near Cincinnati, designed by Solon S. Beman for Procter & Gamble, and delivered a breakthrough paper on the topic at a national meeting of the Society of Architectural Historians in Washington, D.C., in 1986. Active as a photographer, she documented the buildings of Trost, Beman and other architects as well as the stained-glass windows of Cincinnati. Her other work in photography explored the imaginative and creative aspects of the medium. A memorial meeting will be held at 4:00 p.m. on Saturday, June 6, 2009, at the Maisons Lafayette Clubhouse, 879 Rue de la Paix, Cincinnati, Ohio 45220. Memorial gifts may be made to: June and Lloyd Engelbrecht Scholarship Fund, c/o Laura Dorl, Director of Development, College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning, University of Cincinnati, PO Box 210016, Cincinnati, Ohio 45221-0016. (Make checks payable to "UC Foundation" and write "Engelbrecht Scholarship Fund" in the for or memo section of your check.)” Fink, June Marie (I751)
27 From Marta Beaudry's "Descendants of Francois Dufault": "She is the mother of Marie Euphosine Baille dit Primtemps (who married Jean Baptiste Beaudry) and sister to Marguerite Dufault - mother of Francois Xavier Osteyee. Francois and Marie were cousins." Dufault, Marie Anne (I899)
28 Gladys Osteyee served as Jessie’s bridesmaid. The wedding ceremony was performed by the Rev. C.P. Martin. Following the wedding the couple intended to prepare for missionary work in the Orient. Welliver, Dr. Earl Charles (I290)
29 Graduate of Brooklyn Polytech Institute in Brooklyn, NY. Worked for Bendix Corp. of NY as a senior electrical estimator. (Notes from Sullivan County Democrat obituary archive). Osteyee, Kenneth C. (I1008)
30 In 1846 three brothers came from North Ireland to Ontario, Canada. [source is Glendell Thompson] Thompson, ? (I89)
31 Information from an EMAIL sent by Chris Wenzel on 30 July 2003 Wenzel, Philip T. (I53)
32 Last of the Royal House of Stuart Stuart, Cardinal Henry of York (I486)
33 Lexie is a student at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington. Hoffman, Lexie (I585)
34 Listed in American Civil War Soldiers, not certain but may be the brother of Francis. [source is EMAIL from Kim Adams dated 10 June 2002]. Civil War Soldiers records show Lewis enlisted in Company F, 118th Infantry Regiment in NY on 18 December 1863. He was transferred to Company F to the 96th Infantry Regiment NY on 13 June 1865. Other details available online at Ancestry.com. [2004] Osteyee, Private Lewis A. (I775)
35 Lives in Pittsfield, MA Seckler, Donald (I1040)
36 Married at Trinity Episcopal Church by the Rev. D.W. Atwel, Rector Family F258
37 Married to F.P. Stockbridge at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur R. Rule in Westfield, NJ. The marriage ceremony was performed by the Rev. W.F. Sterns, pastor of the Presbyterian Church of Westfield. Bertha was accompanied by her young daughter Janel J. Osteyee. The best man was Dr. William S. Thomas. Bertha and Frank resided at 340 West 86th Street, NY. Lay, Bertha Edson (I46)
38 Member of the Christian Endeavor Union, serving as the Prison Superintendent.

Article reads: "A Friend of the Prisoners". [source The California Endeavorer, December 1927 - January 1928, Volume XV, Number 5]

"The California C.E. Union is fortunate in having Leon C. Osteyee as their Prison Superintendent. His untiring love and devotion to his "job" at the three state penal institutions have won him a place in the hearts of many hundreds of men behind the gray walls. We will probably never be able to fully measure the tremendous amount of good that he has done for those less fortunate than we. It is not an uncommon sight to walk into his office in San Francisco and find him busily engaged in trying to help an ex convict find a position of respect and start life ane

Besides his work at the prisons, Leon Osteyee manages to help on the County Executive of the Marin Union. His "living expense" job is that of a real estate broker, but he says this is only a sideline.

Leon Osteyee truly lives his Christianity." 
Osteyee, Leon Charles (I789)
39 Moved to America in 1847, per Pedigree Chart prepared by Arthur J. Engelbrecht, Jr. on 26 Oct 1978. Berger, Johann Henrich (I962)
40 Never Married. Osteyee, Mabel (I993)
41 Notes from Donna Charboneau: "from Civil War records, Warren Co, NY - Henry was a farmer in Hague, NY. He enlisted as a private in the Union Army, Company B, 62nd Infantry Regiment New York in Crown Point, NY on May 1, 1861 for a 3 yr enlistment. He "took part in the Battles of Fredericksburg, Chantilly, and Gettysburg. re-enlisted Jan(?) 1st, 1864 and died in the Battle of the Wilderness, May 5, 1864. buried on the field." Hague town vital records indicate the burying place as in Spotsylvania, and that he was survived by a widow and children."

Notes from the “Newspaper of the Anderson Battalion” (Volume 2, Number 5, 1 June 2007): Henry Osteyee was a member of the Anderson Zouaves, a New York volunteer regiment raised by Colonel John Lafayette Riker, which fought for the Union cause during the American Civil War. Found in the article is the following listing: “Williamsburg May 5, 1862 ... Wounded ... Pvt. Henry Osteyee (AKA Oystee, Oytseyu) Enlisted by Capt. William N. Hathaway (Co. ‘C’) in Co. ‘B’, May 1, 1861 at Brooklyn, NY at the age of 25 as a private. Listed as wounded New York Times, May 29, 1862.” 
Osteyee, Henry (I829)
42 Notes from Marta Beaudry from her report "Descendants of Francois Dufault": "I have several census records to prove that Francis was born about 1825. In 1855 and 1860, all prove he was born about 1825. I also found his marriage record to Esther Beaudry in Vermont and his age remains the same. I found Francis with his family on the 1865 New York state census in Hague. On the 1870 federal census he is
not listed with his wife and children. He must have died between 1865 and 1870." 
Osteyee, Francis Xavier (I112)
43 Notes from Marta Beaudry from her report "Descendants of Francois Dufault": "1855 New York State Census for Hague, Warren, NY states that Mary Jane was an adopted daughter. I found her biological family living in Hague, Warren, NY in 1850 when Mary Jane was 3 years old. The grandfather's name was Samuel Skinner - age 65, a farmer, birthplace Vermont, and married within the year to Sally - age 58, birthplace New York. Mary Jane's father was Elip Halet (hard to read), he was 33 years old and born in Vermont. The mother's name was Hannah - age 30, birthplace Vermont. Mary Jane had an older sister named Sylvia M - age 7, birthplace New York. Then it shows Mary J - age 3, birthplace New York." Osteyee, Mary Jane Skinner (I901)
44 Notes from Marta Beaudry from her report "Descendants of Francois Dufault": "Adalaide may have been born in Essex, Chittenden, Vermont. I found a census record with Adal aide as "Lucy" with her parents in Essex, Vermont in 1850- she was 11 months old at the time the census was taken. Her younger brother Lewis was born in Vermont as well as her younger sister Amelia. I kept her birthplace
as Hague, New York because I found an 1855 state census us for Hague that states that Adalaide or "Delia" was born in Warren county and lived there for 4 years (she was 6 at the time). I found a cemetery record that states she was born in 1847, however, I have found her age to be consistent in several census records that she was born in 1847. I have found Adalaide in 1850, 1855, 1860, 1865, 1870, 1880, 1900. All these censuses show that she was born in 1847." 
Labounty, Adalaide (I893)
45 Notes from Marta Beaudry from her report "Descendants of Francois Dufault": "I believe Esther's parents to be John Baptiste Beaudry and Marie Baille because the Beaudry family and the Osteyee family lived close to each other for years. She may have been born Marie Esther Beaudry. I have census records to prove that Esther was born about 1824. 1855, 1860, 1870. I also have her marriage record from Vermont - married to Francis Osteyee. I located Esther and children through 1887 in Burlington, Chittenden, Vermont. www.ancestry.com" Beaudry, Esther (I47)
46 Notes from Marta Beaudry from her report "Descendants of Francois Dufault": "I determined Lucy was born in Vermont rather than Canada because I found several records that state she was from Shelburne. I found a few that said Vermont and some that said Canada . I found a Frank Osier in Shelburne, Vermont during the time she was born. I decided that the evidence is greater that she was born in Vermont.

I found Lucy and Lewis Labounty married in Vermont in 1845 (actual document). According to her birth date she would have only been 11 years old. I have researched this. I could not find a birth record for Lucy. The earliest document is her marriage to Louis Labounty. I have traced her on census records. In 1850- Vermont, 1855-Hague, New York; 1865- Ticonderoga , New York; 1870- Vermont; 1880- Vermont; 1900- Salisbury, Vermont with daughter Jessie Dyer . All census records say the same thing about her birth date. They all make her born in 1834 . The 1900 census states she was born Mar 1834. Her death record collaborates that she was born 12 Mar 1834. Therefore, I must come to the conclusion that she was married at age 11 and had her first child (Adalaide Labounty) at age 15. 
Osteyee, Zoe Lucie (I828)
47 Notes from Marta Beaudry from her report "Descendants of Francois Dufault": I found on the 1870 federal census for Middlebury, Addison, Vermont the last name spelled Boudry. I also found on the 1880 federal census for Pittsford, Rutland, Vermont the last name spelled Boudrie. I also found Moses on the 1890 federal veteran head of household with the last name spelled Beaudry. Moses J Beaudry served in the civil war from 1861-1863. He was injured in the head and leg. His military records have been ordered and is pending. He served in the 62nd INF Co I." Beaudry, Moses J. (I834)
48 Notes from Marta Beaudry in her report "Descendants of Francois Dufault": "I found Lillie living in Lansingburgh, New York with her husband and 2 sons in 1900. Her husband [is listed] as a widow[er] in Vermont on the 1910 census. I have not been able to locate a death record for Lillie yet. I have looked in Vermont vital records and found nothing. This leads me to believe that she died in Lansingburgh or Troy New York (close to each other) between 1900 and 1910." Beaudry, Lillie May (I919)
49 Notes from Marta Beaudry in her report "Descendants of Francois Dufault": "On his death record it states he was born in 1873, but I later found his birth record that states he was born in 1872 (film # 540063) . His last name on the birth record is spelled Boudry. It lists his mother as Lucy Osteyee who's birthplace is Shelburne. His father as Moses Boudry-birthplace Highgate, VT." Beaudry, Raymond Francis (I863)
50 Obituary found at slobits.sloco.net/2003Obits.html Osteyee, Leon Farwell (I30)

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